Irreverent and authentic, the Life After the Cover Save (LATCS) triple tag team have traveled the back streets of gaming less traveled, intent on bringing a fresh comedy approach to the hobby and gaming podcast genre. 


Local hoods make good.  LATCS launched back in 2010, in the high desert plains of Palmdale, California.  The original crew consisted of Edward "RoboEd" Holguin, Blake "Big Nasty B." Gaskins, and Josh "Big Cat" Graves.  Initially the crew shared their enthusiasm for Games Workshop games with their audience, who they dubbed "Lifers".  They brought the spirited relief of laughter to the hobby airways, giving fans a respite from the prevailing win-at-all-cost culture of that era.  


LATCS has grown to embrace gaming diversity.  The show now encompasses reviews of different kinds of boards games, role playing games, video games, and after market gaming products.  The crew has also been known to deliver live coverage of popular gaming conventions such as the Las Vegas Open (LVO) and Adepticon.  


The LATCS hosts have won the favor and trust of the gaming community.  Their unique approach to interviews has garnered them a private audience with hobby notables, war game podcast hosts, painters, book authors, game creators, Twitch streamers, and YouTubers.  Many of the show's guests have risen to the challenge of the hosts "Dirty Dozen" and "Filthy Fifteen" string of abstract questions. 


Today, LATCS continues to grow and deliver hobby gold with their distinct spin on two popular games.  The LATCS crew along with their Guest Host Travis "Muppet Hitman" Hathcock have created a couple of new podcasts; Fartstone, a show geared toward entertaining the Blizzard Hearthstone community; and, The Twenty Sided Realms, a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition show coming direct to listeners, live from the Under Dark.